This limited offer applies if you are treating yourself as a third party at the same time.

First of all it makes more fun and you save money *

* With 3 simultaneous treatments (3 persons) you pay only 2 treatments plus 300 €.

The offer is valid until 30.6.2019! The treatment works for 5 to 6 years! Without side effects.

Talk to your friends about your "secret wishes"

Here you can see the successful skin rejuvenation through the Fibrosym wrinkle treatment with autologous fibroblasts

One of our happy clients from the year 2018/2019 in the period of 4 months* after the natural treatment

* The fibroblasts work for another 2 months to refresh the appearance, then 5 to 6 years to keep their effect

Where can I get the Therapy?

Fibroblasten smoothing Acnescars as well