The advantages of autologous fibroblasts
in connection with fibrosym treatment


We multiply your fibroblasts, the connective tissue builders, in our own laboratory

  • No side effects due to own tissue
  • After 4 to 6 weeks, the first visible improvement in the appearance of the skin and
    reduction in wrinkle depth
  • Little restrictions during the treatment period
  • No filler, no Botulinum, no laser
  • The connective tissue is naturally built and strengthened by its own fibroblasts
  • Authentic result by autologous fibroblasts
  • Pain-free treatment except for a "piekser"
  • Easy care of the skin after treatment; as previously practiced by you or with our special care lotion
  • Own laboratory guarantees controlled quality
  • No external skin injuries like plasma flashes or lasers
  • Long skin tightening effect from 5 to 6 years
  • No time-consuming post-treatments
  • Support your natural fresh look
  • No surgery and therefore no lengthy
    healing process
  • No paralysis of facial nerves, as with other procedures
  • Always applicable, as we use your own cells
  • FDA approval in USA since 2013

For many years, this treatment method has been used successfully outside of Europe and above all in the USA. Successful treatment studies in the 1990s have led to US FDA approval of the local health authority. In Europe, this type of wrinkle treatment has so far remained below the perception tolerance. The evaluation of many years of experience together with our findings have led to a significant improvement in the treatment method with autologous fibroblasts.

From now on we can offer you this fantastic possibility of skin rejuvenation also for a fair price.
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