Fibroblasts yeast acne scars and wrinkles

Acne scar treatment with fibrosym® autologous fibroblasts is currently the only effective and promising treatment method to treat acne scars painlessly and non-invasively.The scars are smoothed by the treatment and the skin radiates health again.

The current medicine has no suitable therapy to remedy the scar state.Treatment with autologous fibroblasts has FDA approval in the US and efficacy has been demonstrated by double-blind scientific studies. 

For whom is the treatment suitable?

  • You want to treat yourself to a gentle, natural "lifting" of your face without painful and tedious healing processes?
  • You have acne scars or unsightly pits in the skin surface.
  • You have already met other procedures, but suffer from the side effects?
  • You want to permanently avoid an unnatural mask-like appearance ?
  • You want little restrictions during the short treatment process?
  • Your beauty care that you operate so far is time-consuming and costly?

Who is not suitable for the treatment?

  • If your facial expressions are unimportant to you.
  • If you want to irrevocably change your type.
  • If you want to give up your natural look.
     (Our treatment rejuvenates her appearance
    without altering her physiognomy)
  • If you would like to use your valuable time for monthly refreshing. 
    (With our method you have time for yourself)
  • If negative side effects are not a hindrance to you.(Autologous fibroblasts, as we administer them, are without side effects)

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