"Acne patients in particular find their illness subjectively to be particularly difficult and debilitating". Acne is frustrating for many sufferers and is often perceived as embarrassing. They constantly think about her face and how supposedly "ugly" it looks. The self-confidence and the psyche suffers especially when it comes to partnership, love, career, friendships and getting to know new people. When it goes into the chronic stage of acne, the mental stress often gets even stronger! The Fibrosym therapy has taken up this and significantly improved the method. From now on this improved fantastic treatment method is available to all acne patients. Get information.

With autologous fibroblasts you get a fresh skin

for a long time - without side effects

The secret of fibroblasts is a biological miracle. The builders of our fabric, provide the rejuvenating effect, which usually lasts five to six years without unpleasant side effects. And after only three treatments, each 20 to 25 minutes. Fresh appearance through the natural structure of their own tissue with autologous fibroblasts. The crucial difference if you want to avoid side effects. Without filler, no spraying, no substances containing botulin - no danger of mask-like appearance. They "only" regain their own younger face - nothing more, nothing less.


The treatment with autologous fibroblasts has been used successfully for many years for acne scar therapy and
wrinkle smoothing outside Europe.

The approval of the responsible health authority FDA took place in 2013 after large-scale studies, with over 400 people. The effectiveness was significantly demonstrated.


But there is usually something that can be improved - that's why we have adopted the methodology and can now offer our improved method in Europe. It is currently the only permanent effective therapy to treat acne scars.

The fibrosym method works without abrasive lasers or fillers.


For all women and men who want to slow down aging in the long term or for those of us who want to successfully mitigate their often perceived as unpleasant or ugly acne scars in the long term successfully.

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